Creating Video Landing-Pages That Convert

Video Landing Page

I have not failed 10,000 times I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work

 Thomas Edison

Why have video-landing pages?

After all a simple well-designed landing page can do the job just as well. Not quite! Video brings something extra to the party.

Enhanced Comprehension

The quote “a picture paints a 1000 words” is used regularly online, this does not detract from its fundamental observation. We are hot-wired to learn visually.


It is always easier to show rather than tell.

 Audience Retention

Short videos can easily educate, entertain and inspire your audience to follow a particular course of action (call to action).


Videos can inject personality and emotion into your message.

Video Landing Page ?

What are the issues you should consider when creating video landing-pages?

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

Having gone to the expense and time of driving traffic to your landing pages you need to think about the video content. It needs to keep your viewers attention and deliver an answer to a problem they are having.


If you cannot convince them in 60 seconds that this is the answer to their problem, chances are you will have lost them. Remember the purpose of the video is to convince them that you have the solution to their problem not solve it there and then.


The idea of having a video is to enhance your page. When using videos on landing pages keep the video player design sympathetic to the landing page. Avoid too much text and keep the layout as clean as possible.


Your audience has a potential problem and you have the solution. The story is how your solution solves their problem and why it does.

Human Interest

We all operate on an emotional level so make your story as relevant to people as possible. Remember we want to know the human-interest angle.


The video content should be appropriate to the traffic you are driving to the landing page and based on your audience profiling. Make the video content as personalized for your potential audience as possible.


As in all online marketing when using a video on a landing page, you should use an integrated approach. Let your video do all “heavy work” and the use of the text on the landing page should be kept to a minimum to support your main message.

Call to Action

The video should clearly state the call to action and how to achieve this. The call to action should be clearly stated on the landing page and leave the user in no doubt as to what they should do. The video position and call to action option on the form should be designed sympathetically to each other.


The Video needs to be featured prominently to maximize its potential for conversion. It should be placed at the top of the page or very near the top of the page.



It is very important to review the success of your video landing page. The conversion rate is only the headline figure. You need to understand why people did not convert. When using videos on your landing pages you have further analytics available to help you interpret what converts and what does not convert users. Pay particular attention to watch time and user behavior after watching the video.

Using video landing pages can increase your landing page conversion factor. This only happens with an integrated design approach and following a strategic marketing plan. Landing pages are only part of the overall marketing ecosystem.

Let me know how you got on with using video landing pages by commenting below. If you have any questions on videos tweet me @buildingbytes.




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