Storytelling Is How Brands Engage Consumers

Story Telling

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

 Robert McKee

All brands have a story to tell. With good storytelling we begin to form a connection with these brands. Think about Apple and you immediately think about Steve Jobs. Guinness is linked to the Guinness family heritage and Ireland. In the UK you have “Mr. Kipling” cakes a byword for nostalgia of a different age. Virgin has at its core the story of Richard Branson.

All these brands have created an emotional connection to their brand. It does not matter if you love or hate the individual stories. Parts of them will resonate with you on a personal basis. They will be memorable and they will create a connection with you that allow you position their products. You know instinctively what the brand stands for. You understand its core value and it is means something to you on a personal level.

This is why storytelling is so powerful. It breaks down the barrier between products that have no emotional connection with the consumer. It provides a basis upon which the consumer can interact at some kind of emotional level with the brand.

Great storytelling has a strong emotional impact typically the “rags to riches” variety the “hero succeeds against all odds” and “the unexpected twist at the end”. These are the extremes, however for every extreme case there are simple brand tales that will engage their audience if well told with strong personal content.

Storytelling that demonstrate the need for a particular product or service will do well. Storytelling that unveils a brand vision will do well. The vision may range from “this product will change the world type” to” this product will make a particular group of people’s lives easier”. Brand ambitions vary and the story scale will vary too. Some of the best brand stories I have read or seen are about small smart companies changing their little corner of the world.

A good brand story will engage the consumer. It will resonate with them it will compel them to share the story. When telling your brand story it is best to consider your audience and what you want them to do when they see your story. What “call to action” do you want to achieve.

Your brand story should use storytelling techniques such as telling the story in a way your audience will understand. Introduce a sense of a tale unraveling. Tell the story in a way that elicits an emotional response about the story. If the story is about a product it should highlight the requirement for the existence of the brand and clearly state the benefits of the product. This should all be done in a way that entertains and informs the consumer. It should have personality.

Some of the best brand stories are simple stories well told. They invest highly in the personal approach and they understand their customers. There is some great brand storytelling out there. I would like to hear what are your favorite brand or product stories are.

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